Visual Display Products

From marker boards, tack boards, projection screens, motorized screens, white boards to display cases and more, ERCO has an extensive line of visual display products for your presentation needs.

Choose from several different Trim Systems.
Photo Credit: ASI Visual Display Products

Writing Surfaces

Writing surfaces are made for busy offices and boisterous classrooms, providing a super-smooth writing surface that erases like magic and won’t scratch, stain or fade for as long as it is in use-guaranteed. Looking for a sleeker solution? Glass Marker boards are unmatched in the industry, allowing designers and architects the ability to showcase interiors with this striking product line.

Choose from several surface options: porcelain & glass writing surfaces to cork, fabric, and Forbo® tackboards.
Photo Credit: ASI Visual Display Products

Tack Boards

From a natural solution like cork which is light-weight, rot resistant, compressible and recoverable, expandable, fire resistant in its natural state, impermeable, soft and buoyant; to “Eco Fabric” which is made from 100% recycled polyester crepe, designed for recyclability; to Vinyl which has a lightly embossed simple, timeless and classic woven effect that is colored in shades of dulled red and bluegray tones.

Limited space? Choose a sliding mechanism on your chalkboard or white board.
Photo Credit: ASI Visual Display Products

Make it Slide

Horizontal and vertical sliding board units present a unique method of installing additional needed writing surfaces where limited wall space occurs. Sliding panels move laterally or vertically in front of a fixed back panel to substantially increase writing area. For ease of operation, panels are top suspended and slide easily over the extruded aluminum track on nylon rollers.

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