Noise Reduction Solutions

Tired of yelling to hear one another in your business? Is having to whisper in your conference room meetings frustrating you? Do your restaurant patrons complain they can’t enjoy a peaceful dinner?

ERCO lazerman

Contact one of our “ERCOustinators” to develop a solution to reduce noise in your school, restaurant, business, etc. Our acoustical wall & ceiling panels provide excellent sound absorption for noise control in a wide range of commercial interior applications. From absorbing noise and abuse in gymnasiums to making a statement in the office, acoustical wall panels offer durability and design flexibility for every space. Additionally, our acoustical wall panels are easy to install over most any smooth, structurally sound interior wall surface. Choose from a variety of fabric and vinyl colors, and a wide range of sizes. There are even custom options available!

Boys & Girls’ Club Sound Baffles
Photo Credit: Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions


Sound baffles & panels are available in a wide variety of color choices & fabrics. We can even design a custom option!

Cloud/ Sound Scapes in a Meeting Room
Photo Credit: Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions


Stylish soundscapes/ circles add a modern style edge to your conference room or training rooms.

Tectum direct attach wall panels
Suburban Beer Garden, Tectum Direct Attach Panels
Photo Credit: Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions


Noise solutions can be as stylish and unique as your business, restaurant, school or commercial space!

Let’s work on a noise reduction solution together.