How quickly can I expect my order to be delivered? 

In most cases, you can receive your order within one business day.  We will try our best to match any project deadlines. 

Am I able to purchase materials directly from a showroom?

YES, ERCO stocks material at all four of our locations for pick up.

How much can I expect an estimate to cost?

They’re free; one of our ERCO professionals will come to your location to make recommendations that fit your space, vision and goals. Your estimate will then be generated from our office and sent to you within a couple of business days.

Can I get an estimate directly from here? 

You may request an estimate directly from our website and one of our professionals will contact you to set up a meeting to review your needs in person.

I’m not very handy but don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a contractor.  Can I use you? 

We have our own installers – some have even been working in the industry for as long as 45 years.

One of my ceiling tiles is damaged, how do I replace just the one? 

Take a picture, close-up and from afar, and then text or email it to one of our counter people. They can identify it and give you purchasing recommendations. Some material can be purchased individually by the tile or by the carton, depending on availability.

I can’t put in a drop ceiling in my restaurant, but the noise has become too much of an issue. Is there anything I can do about it? 

There are many options besides drop ceilings that can be used to lower the noise in a space. These options can be anything from wall panels, to baffles and sound deadening “Invisicoustics.” We joke and say we can send an “ERCOustinator” out to lower the noise in your space, because here at ERCO, we have trained noise consultants that can make many recommendations as to the best options for your space.

White tiles are a little boring, is there another option? 

Ceiling tiles come in many different profiles, colors, and grid disguising designs. Call (800) 355-4200 today and one of our sales consultants will find the best option for your space.

My customers would like more privacy in the restroom, is there an option for better stalls?

Toilet partitions have evolved to accommodate “no-sightline” as an option for privacy which has become more of a norm now-a-days. We can offer complete privacy while still making your stalls ADA Compliant.

What is ADA compliance and why do I need it?

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that all new construction and alterations must be able to accommodate a person or persons with disabilities. Contact us to send a salesperson out to make suggestions to make your space ADA compliant.

Are your restroom accessories ADA compliant?

The compliance is usually based on how the accessory is mounted and arranged relative to other items in the space. Our installers are trained on how these items should be placed.

I just had my restaurant remodeled but forgot to get shades, can you handle that?

ERCO is one of the largest installers and distributors of blinds and has access to all brands. We would be happy to send someone out to measure and price for shades, shutters, and motorized blinds.

How large is your inventory? 

We have the largest inventory in the Tri-State area.

Where can I get signage for the interiors of my office?

Directional, ADA, and restroom signage are all available at ERCO, even custom signage.

The chalkboard in my office is a little dated, are there any other options?

ERCO has a complete line of display boards. Call today to find the best options for you.

The walls of my kitchen area are becoming a hassle to clean, can I place something over it to make the process easier?

FRP, or Fiberglass Reinforced Panels, are designed to protect walls. In addition to water proofing them and making the cleaning process easier, these panels are USDA approved for use in food prep areas.

The gurneys keep smudging and chipping away at the corners of the hallways in my hospital.  Can you remedy that? 

We have a full line of corner guards, hand rails, bumper guards & toe guards available in many colors.

Can I customize my wall protection with images and specific patterns? 

Custom imagery and printing are available.

My current cubicle curtains are worn and dirty, do you have any suggestions for replacements? 

ERCO carries a full line of cubicle curtains and tracks, available in clean room, hospital grade, and acoustical.

The hardware on my doors are getting worn down but I can’t find options to fix it, what can I do? 

ERCO has a full line of doors and hardware available. ERCO can fill any of your commercial door and hardware needs. We carry multiple grades of hardware to suit a variety of needs.

I’m looking for a more sophisticated look for my windows.  Do you carry Plantation shutters? 

Yes, we have fully trained installers and consultants that are trained and certified in all types of wood and vinyl shutters.

Can I get my shades to be motorized? 

YES! Motorization comes in many shapes and sizes. ERCO has many specialists who can provide you an estimate based on your individual needs.

Do you have hand dryers, and can you install them?  

ERCO sells, stocks & delivers all brands of hand dryers. Typically, a licensed electrician would perform the installation.

I have a small ceiling in my basement, does ERCO come out for small jobs? 

At ERCO we say, “No job too small, so give ERCO a call.” All customers are important to us. Contact Us Today.

I’m a facility manager and have many different types of ceilings throughout my facility. How will I know what to order? 

If you contact ERCO, we will conduct a site visit and identify all the tiles used throughout your facility. We will give you the item numbers and number of pieces per carton to make your order as simple as possible.

How quickly can I expect a job to be done? I’m in a bind. 

We have a large staff ready to serve all your needs and accommodate your time frame no matter what it is. We work nights, weekends, and holidays if necessary.